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Mobile communications are changing

We live in an age of the Internet and smart phones, and we are no strangers to 2G/3G/4G/5G networks. But many people's estimates of these concepts are not quite clear. For G in 2G/3G/4G/5G is the meaning of "generation". The definition of 2G/3G/4G here is mainly different from the business type, rate, transmission delay and various switching success rate angles, which make the precise implementation of the technology differently.




Mobile communication test item

Transmitter Maximum Output Power

Transmitter Spectrum Emission Mask

Transmitter Spurious Emissions

Transmitter Minimum Output Power

Adjacent Channel Selectivity (ACS)

Receiver Blocking

Receiver Spurious Response

Receiver Intermodulation

Receiver spurious emissions

Reference Sensitivity level

Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio

Mobile communications RF required certification areas 

EN 301 511/ETSI TS 151.010 /3GPP TS 51.010

EN 301908-2/ETSI TS 134.121-1/3GPP TS 34.121-1

EN 301908-13/ETSI TS 136.521-1/3GPP TS 36.521-1

EN 301908-25/ETSI TS 138.521-1/3GPP TS 38.521-1

EN 301908-25/ETSI TS 138.521-2/3GPP TS 38.521-2

EN 301908-25/ETSI TS 138.521-3/3GPP TS 38.521-3


FCC Part 22H/Part 24E/Part 27/Part 90/Part 96

AS/CA S042.1 

AS/ACIF S042.3 

AS/CA S042.4


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