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EMC intro

EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility)

Refers to the ability of a device or system to operate in its electromagnetic environment as required and not to cause intolerable electromagnetic interference to any device in its environment.

EMC has two parts:

1. EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference)

    Refers to the equipment in the normal operation of the environment generated by electromagnetic interference can not exceed a certain limit;

2. EMS (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility)

    Refers to the device has a certain degree of immunity to the electromagnetic interference in the environment;


Three elements of EMC 


The energy emitted by the electromagnetic interference source is transmitted to the sensitive device through some coupling path, which results in some form of response and effect of the sensitive device.

For example:


The absence of any one of the three elements does not constitute an EMC problem. Therefore, when an EMC problem occurs, the solutions to EMC problems can be found through the investigation and analysis of the three elements.

Common EMC test items



RE: Radiation emission

CE: Conducted emission

Harmonic: Harmonic current

Flicker: Voltage flicker

RS: Continuous RF electromagnetic field disturbances,

CS: Continuous induced RF disturbances

ESD: Electrostatic discharge immunity

EFT: Electrical fast transients/burst

Surge: Surge immunity

Dips: Voltage dips & interruptions

PMF: Power frequency magnetic field

EMC testing standards for common products 



EMI standardsEMS standards
MMEEN 55032EN 55035
ISM equipmentEN 55011-
Household appliances, toys EN 55014-1EN 55014-2
Lighting productsEN 55015EN 61547
PLC equipmentEN 50561-1,EN 50561-3EN 50412-2-1
Telecommunication network equipmentEN 300 386
Common requirements of Radio equipmentEN 301 489-1
Short-Range Devices (SRD)EN 301 489-3
BT / WIFI productsEN 301 489-17
Satellite positioning and navigation productsEN 301 489-19
Cellular Communication mobile radio equipmentEN 301 489-52

North America

ProductUSA Canada
EMI standardsEMI standards
ISM equipmentFCC Part 18ICES-001
ITE, Various digital productsFCC Part 15BICES-003
Lighting productsFCC Part 15BICES-005


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