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Voltage: 127 / 220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Portuguese

1. Pre-test in BTL Lab before expressing the samples;
2. No time difference service;
3. OCD technology support;
4. Reduce the deadline and costs;
5. Translation service.

The latest requirement for SAR of ANATEL

According to the ANATEL Resolution no 700/2018 in its Article 11 and the Legal Letter no 659/2018, as for January 30th the maximum SAR value measured (W/kg) during the local testing and declared in the test report, must be informed in one of the following places:


1)Product Packaging, or


2) User manual accompanying the product, or


3) Electronic manual available on the internet (Manufacturer’s or Applicant’s website). However, this option is conditional on the presence, in the manual accompanying the product, clear guidelines on how the obtain the electronic version of the manual.


Oficio_659_2018_para ABINEE.PDF

Resolu__o ANATEL 700.pdf


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