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FCC Reactivating Equipment Authorization System

FCC published public notice DA 19-19 for Reactivating Equipment Authorization System on 18th, Jan, 2019.

The following is the details of the notice:


  The Federal Communications Commission’s January 2, 2019 Public Notice on the impact of a potential lapse in funding noted that the Equipment Authorization System (EAS) would not be available.1 After reviewing our statutory authority, the status of contract obligations and our lapse in funding plan, we will be reactivating this system today.  All other provisions of the Commission’s January 2, 2019 Public Notice continue to apply.  Most radio transmitters are required to be certificated to ensure compliance with the Commission’s technical rules. 

  Applications for certification are reviewed and granted by private sector Telecommunications Certification Bodies (TCBs).  The TCBs are required to enter the application and grant of equipment certification into the EAS before the grant becomes effective.  The reactivation of the EAS will enable the TCBs to grant equipment certifications, thereby allowing that equipment to be imported and marketed in the United States.  While the EAS will be available to the public, no support will be provided by Commission staff. The TCBs are required to consult with FCC staff before granting certification for certain products under a procedure called Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG).  This procedure generally involves products where the required tests are complex or break new ground.  TCBs will continue to be unable to grant equipment certification for products subject to the pre-approval guidance procedure until the FCC resumes normal operations and staff is available for consultation.


Above can be found from FCC official website: https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-reactivating-equipment-authorization-system



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