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Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Official Language: Chinese

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Updated implementation rules for portable power sources for portable digital devices

According to the latest announcement of China quality certification center (CQC), the certification rules of "mobile power" are updated as follows:

1.Implementation rules: cqc11-464116-2016 "safety certification rules for portable mobile power supply" has been revised, and the business category number involved in the rules is 001046.

2. The name of the certification rule is revised from "portable mobile power supply safety certification rule" to "portable power supply certification rule for portable digital devices";

3. The new certification is based on the standard GB/T 35590-2017 "general specification for mobile power supply for information technology portable digital devices";The original certification standard GB 31241-2014 is the standard for key components in "mobile power supply", which is no longer reflected in the certificate.

4. Adjust the certification mode, and only one certification mode is retained: type test + post-certification supervision (i.e., pre-certification and post-audit factory).

5. The applicant can choose any one of the following certification schemes, as shown in the figure below;Fees, cycles and samples of different schemes are different. For details, please consult btl-china certification division.



1.From September 26, 2018, certification will be implemented and certification certificates will be issued in accordance with the revised new rules.

2. For the products that have obtained the certification certificate, the applicant can apply to the certification body to complete the certificate conversion in a natural transition way combined with product change. 



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