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Mexico issues the Guidelines for the use of the IFT Seal and NOM-008-SE-2021 standard

On December 26, 2023, the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones of Mexico (IFETEL ) issues the Guidelines for the use of the IFT Seal on approved products, equipment, devices or apparatus intended for telecommunications or broadcasting.


The main requirements are as following:

1. The IFT Seal must be printed in 100% positive black or 100% negative black, respecting the protection areas (these are the perimeter spaces of the IFT Seal, in which texts or other graphic elements must not be placed in order to allow legibility) and minimum printing dimensions(length 5.41mm*height2.6mm) as defined in Figure 1.

2. The IFT Stamp must be legible without the aid of magnification or magnification, and easily visible to the end user, considering the minimum print dimensions.

Eng 1.png

3. In the marking or labeling of approved Products, the IFT Seal must be included, in addition to the prefix "IFT" in capital letters and the number of the Approval Certificate provided for in the Thirty-eighth guideline of the Approval Guidelines, as shown in figure 2.

Eng 2.png

4. Exceptionally, in the event that the Product is so small that it is not possible to display the marking or labeling physically in accordance with the provisions of the Fifth and Sixth guidelines of these guidelines, the provisions of numeral 1 of section II of the Thirty-Eighth guideline of the Approval Guidelines shall be followed.

5. The holder of an Approval Certificate and, where applicable, affiliates, subsidiaries and importers must make use of the IFT Seal in the marking or labeling of approved Products, only during the validity of the Approval Certificate that covers the Products in question.


These guidelines shall enter into force 180 business days from the day following their publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation.


Please refer to the below link for the detailed guidelines:



At the meanwhile, the Secretary of Economy of the Mexico(SE) published NOM-008-SE-2021 in the Diario Oficial de la Federación (DOF) on December 29, 2023.


This official Mexican standard is based on the document "Le Système international d'unités SI 2019" published by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM for its acronym in French), which includes the redefinition of some of the basic units of the International System of Units (SI). It establishes definitions, symbols and writing rules for the units of the general system of units of measurement, to be used in areas where the quantities refer to properties of bodies, phenomena or substances of physical, chemical or biological nature, regardless of their applications in the different fields of science, technology, industry, education, health, environment, trade or others.


The NOM-008-SCFI-2002 will replace the NOM-008-SCFI-2002 standard, and enter into force on on June 26, 2024, the 180 calendar days after from the day following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation.


Please refer to the below link for the detailed standard:https://dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5713228&fecha=29/12/2023#gsc.tab=0


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