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Thailand has implemented computer equipment labeling regulations starting from November 1st, 2023

NBTC Introduction

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) of Thailand regulates RF and telecom-related products. Since July 1st, 2008, NBTC has the authority to impose administrative penalties for various products, including telecommunications equipment, mobile communication devices, and products with wireless function. All regulated products must obtain NBTC certification before they can be imported and sold in Thailand.

In addition, products such as personal computers and computer equipment sold in Thailand are also subject to labeling regulations enforced by the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB). These regulations have came into effect on November 1st, 2023.

Here are the definitions of "personal computer" and "computer equipment" as specified in the announcement:

Personal Computer: Information technology equipment equipped with functional components that allow individual users to run application software. This includes personal computers, laptops, portable computers and more.

Computer Equipment: Components that enable the functioning of personal computers, such as keyboards, mice, monitors, joysticks, CPUs, disk drives, internal modems, LAN cards, modules, power supplies, cooling fans and so on.

The label should be in clear and legible Thai text, containing but not limited to the following information:

   Product name and category.

   Detailed product information for consumers to understand its features, such as size, CPU, memory, operating system, etc.

   The registered name or trademark of the manufacturer in Thailand.

   Country of manufacture.

   Name or trademark of the importer.

   Instructions for use and storage.

   Production date, displayed in the order of day, month, year. If not in this order, it must be clearly marked. If the exact production date cannot be determined, it should be indicated using the production week.

   Additional information, such as warranty period, service center contact information, etc. If the product does not have a local service center in Thailand, this must be clearly indicated.

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