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ANATEL published IPv6 and Smart TV Box conformity assessment

ANATEL published Act 7971 for the conformity assessment of the IPv6 protocol


ANATEL published the Act 7971 with the technical requirements for conformity assessment of the IPv6 protocol in telecommunications products on July 6th, 2023.


This new Act 7971 is applicable to the equipment with terminal function and interface for mobile services and fixed services. The main requirements are following:

1. The equipment using 3G and 4G technologies should comply with the standards 3GPP TS 36.523-1, ETSI TS 102 514, RFC 8200.

2. The equipment using 3G technology only should comply with the standards ETSI TS 102 514 and RFC 8200.

3. The equipment using 2G technology only is not in the scope.

4. The equipment featured a xDSL interface, xPON interface or DOCSIS interface should comply with the standards RFC 8200.

5. For the equipment integrated an ANATEL-approved WWAN module, whose IPv6 protocol is fully implemented in the WWAN module, it is possible to carry out the IPv6 protocol verification or testing RFC 8200 only, and provide a declaration letter from module manufacturer stating that the IPv6 protocol is fully implemented in the module for the host product’s IPv6 approval; If the IPv6 protocol is fully or partially implemented in the software/firmware of the host, it is subjected to perform full IPv6 testing. 


You can find more details in this Official link:


This Act 7971 has been into force on the date of its publication July 6th, 2023, and the application will be mandatory on January 8th, 2024.

 ANATEL published Act 9281 for Smart TV Box conformity assessment


On July 13, 2023, ANATEL published the Act 9281, and defined the technical requirements for Smart TV Box conformity assessment


The Act 9281 states that the Smart TV Box type is characterized as terminal equipment, which t is intended for access to audiovisual content through the Internet and the display of this on another device with a screen. Personal computers, televisions, mobile phones, tablets, and pay-TV equipment out of the scope of this classification. 


Besides the technical requirements for the Conformity Assessment of Restricted Radiation Radio communication Equipment, Electrical Safety for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Products, Electromagnetic Compatibility for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Products, Cybersecurity Requirements for Telecommunications Equipment  and communication interfaces. It requires some new requirements like checking if the product is allowed illicit access to audiovisual content.


The Act 9281 will come into effect on September 11, 2023. Below is the official link for your reference:



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