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Brazil ANATEL published a new Act!

Recently, ANATEL published a new bill, Act 2436/2022, which covers cybersecurity requirements for assessing CPE compliance and will come into force on March 10, 2024. 

Devices pused to connect to the Internet service provider's network, such as:

a) Cable modem;

b) xDSL modem;

c) ONU, ONT;

d) Router or modem intended for fixed wireless access (FWA - Fixed Wireless Access);

e) Router or modem for fixed broadband access via satellite;

f) Wireless router or access point


In order to strictly control network information security, the Act clearly establishes a set of mandatory network security requirements:

1) Requirements for passwords;

2) Defense requirements against unauthorized access attempts;

3) Requirements for vendors, such as requiring a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy and policies for releasing software/firmware updates to fix security vulnerabilities.


The above requirements are in accordance with ANATEL Resolution nº740, ANATEL Act nº77, NST Special Publication 800-63B, Broadband Forum-TR-181 Issue-2, ISO/IEC 29147:2018, ISO/IEC 30111:2019, and other network security standards.


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