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【Notice】NCC certification antenna data request update!

According to NCC's 81st inspection and consistency resolution proposal number: 11112502, the requirements for NCC certification antenna data have been updated (refer to FCC requirements). Since March 1, 2023, RCB requires a more complete antenna specification or AUT report is required for low-power radio frequency equipment (including modules)’s NCC certification, including the series case.

The main updates this time are as follows:

Low-power RF equipment (including modules) should submit antenna specifications or AUT report according to the standards: FCC KDB 353028 and FCC TCB WorkShop_Part 15 Antenna Update on October 26, 2022. Antenna specifications or AUT report must include information such as antenna type, manufacturer name/address, brand, model, operating frequency band and Gain value, 2D or 3D diagrams, antenna photos or drawings, etc.

A screenshot of the relevant consensus meeting is as follows:


FCC TCB WorkShop_Part 15 Antenna Update on October 26, 2022 antenna screenshot is as follows:

Antenna data sheet


AUT report


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Relevant information:

New requirements for FCC certification: proper antenna information must be submitted from August 25


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