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Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs are included in China's compulsory certification (for use in electrical and electronic products)

In order to further optimize the management system of the electrical and electronic industry and promote the high-quality development of the electrical and electronic industry, the State Council adjusted the catalogue of compulsory product certification on September 23. Lithium-ion batteries and power adapters/chargers with higher safety risks are included in the compulsory certification management, and compulsory certification management is no longer implemented for 9 products with lower safety risks and more mature technologies, such as data terminals and multimedia terminals.

Products subject to compulsory certification management (2 types)
1. Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs, mobile power supplies used in electronic and  electrical products
2. Power adapter/charger for telecommunications terminal products


Although the State Council has included lithium-ion batteries, battery packs and mobile power sources used in electrical and electronic products into the CCC catalog. However, it is still necessary to wait for the CNCA to issue an announcement before CCC certification can be done. At present, CQC certification is still the main one.

According to BTL's understanding of the domestic market for many years, the subsequent CCC certified batteries may be GB 31241-2014 (safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable equipment) and GB 40165-2021 (lithium-ion batteries and batteries for stationary electronic equipment). security requirements of the group).


Follow-up will continue to update the latest certification trends, please pay attention to the official account


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