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Adjustment notice for network access detection requirements for routers and switching equipment

On March 30, the Network Access Acceptance Center held a publicity meeting on the update of network access inspection requirements for non-network key equipment of data communication products. The meeting mainly described two points: 

1. Introduce common problems and precautions for network access applications;

2. Introduce the latest network access testing requirements;

For the common problems and precautions of the first point, we will not explain this in detail, mainly in the application materials and some small details in the system application filling. For this problem, we have rich experience in the implementation of BTL cases and can provide customers with Comprehensive and reliable service, saving certification time.

Focus on summarizing the latest network access detection requirements. According to the content of the publicity meeting, the latest changes in network access testing requirements mainly include the following 5 points:

1. Product categories involved in the scope of revision:

Core router (the index requirement does not meet the network key equipment)

edge router

Layer 3 switch (the index requirement does not meet the key network equipment)

Broadband Network Access Server (BNAS)

2. Implementation time:

After January 15, 2022, when sending and testing core routers and Layer 3 switches that meet the requirements of key network equipment indicators, when applying for network access (including expiry renewal), a test report or certification certificate containing the security requirements of key network equipment must be provided.

After January 21, 2022, some small-scale adjustments were made to the standards involving key network equipment, 16 test items for protocol consistency were deleted, and the remaining test items were marked more clearly (See attached standard document for details).

From July 1, 2022, network security-related testing items and 400G interface testing items will be added, and new items will be added. For details, see points 3 and 4.

3. This new test item is based on the following three standards:

(1) GB 40050-2021 "General Requirements for Security of Network Critical Equipment" 

(2) YD/T 3538.2-2019 "400Gbit/s Intensity Modulation Pluggable Optical Transceiver Module Part 2: 8*50Gbit/s"

(3) YD/T 3538.3-2020 "400Gb/s Intensity Modulation Pluggable Optical Transceiver Module Part 3: 4*100Gbit/s"

4. New network security testing items:

The newly added network security testing items are 6 major test items in the security function test in the GB40050-2021 standard. There are two points to add:

(1) The hardware in hardware identification security refers to the whole product, main control board, switch board, service board, power supply, fan and other components.

(2) In the pre-installed software startup and update security, it is necessary to ensure that the system software is not tampered with and has the function of updating the pre-installed software.


5. Added 400G interface test items

In order to adapt to the technological development trend, on the basis of the original 1000M, 10G, 40G, 100G and other physical interfaces, test items supporting 400G physical interfaces are added. The newly added items are consistent with the 40G and 100G interface test items. The test standards are YD/T 3538.2-2019 and YD/T 3538.3-2020.

BTL has strong technical support and has been deeply involved in Chinese certification for many years. At the same time, it has testing laboratories in Dongguan, Shanghai, Beijing, Neihu, Xizhi, etc. For network access applications, we can assist official test engineers to perform on-site cooperative testing, test prototype driver installation, commissioning of prototype test instructions, problem rectification, technical problem communication and feedback coordination, etc. And BTL can provide customers with basic certification training for free.

For more information on the new standard or questions, please feel free to contact BTL Business/International Department.


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