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A notification regarding to MTCTE Phase III and IV products

An amendment regarding to MTCTE Phase III and IV was launched on 31.01.2022, the key points are listed below.

1. There is a relaxation for Phase 4 product (Safety & EMC) and the mandatory date has been extended to July 1, 2022.

MTCTE Phase IIIAcceptance of applications on MTCTE portal2021.10.11
Certification becomes Mandatory2022.07.01
MTCTE Phase IV(1) Safety & EMC (wherever applicable)Acceptance of applications on MTCTE portal2021.10.11
Certification becomes Mandatory2022.02.01
(2)For remaining ERAcceptance of applications on MTCTE portal2022.01.01
Certification becomes Mandatory2022.07.01

2. Further, there are some modifications on the acceptance for test results/reports from labs accredited by foreign ILAC signatories.

Phase-I & Phase-II
MTCTE PhaseILAC Relaxation in respect of all Requirements of ER except Safety and EMC
Phase-I & Phase-II2021.11.30
Phase-III2022.06.30-applicable to product mentioned inAnnexure

No Applicable
2022.06.30-applicable to product mentioned inAnnexure

3. As on the date of submission of test reports, the validity of test reports/results issued by TEC designated Indian Labs in respect of all parameters shall be up to five years.

4. As on the date of submission of test reports, the validity of test reports/results issued by foreign labs accredited by ILAC signatories and recognized labs of MRA partner country for technical parameters shall be up to two years in respect of products listed in Annexure-II.

5.Test results/reports issued by labs accredited by ILAC signatories from non-border sharing countries will only be accepted.

List of product under Phase III 

No.Name of Product
1Base Station for Cellular network
2Repeater for Cellular Network
3Compact  Cellular network
4Smart Camera
5Smart Watch
6Smart Electricity Meter
7Tracking Device(with Embedded SIMs)
8IOT Gateway
9End Point Device for Environmental Monitoring
10Equipment Operating in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Band

List of product under Phase IV 

No.Name of Product
1Transmission Terminal Equipment (DWDM, DXC)
2Optical Fibers (Single mode)
3Satellite Communication Equipment
4Radio Broadcast Receiver
5Mobile Radio Trunking System
6HF Radio
7VHF/UHF Radio system Equipment
8PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio Systems
9IP Security Equipment
11LAN Switch
12Precision Timing Protocol Grand Master Equipment
13IP Multi Media Conferencing Equipment
14Point of Sale Devices
15Conferencing Equipment
16Signalling Gateway
17Media Gateway
19Digital Subscriber Line Equipment
20Session Border Controller
21Base Station Controller(BSC)/Radio Network   Controller(RNC)
22Mobile Switching Center(MSC) / MSC-Server(MSC-S) / Gateway   MSC(GMSC) / Gateway MSC – Server (GMSC-S) [Including Visitor   Location Register (VLR)] MSC / MSC Server
23Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
24Subscriber Identity Register (SIM)
25OTA Platform and Device Manager Platform/FOTA
26Home Location Register(HLR)/Home Subscriber   Server(HSS)/Authentication Centre (Auc)
27Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)/Gateway GPRS Support   Node (GGSN)
28Serving Gateway(S-GW)/Packet Gateway(P-GW)
29Mobility Management Entity (MME)
30Short Message Service Centre (SMSC)
31Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC)
32Service Control Point (SCP)
33Operation Maintenance Center(OMC)/Element Management   System(EMS)/Network Management System (NMS)/Operation Support System (OSS)
34Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC)
35Serving Mobile Location Centre (SMLC)
36InfiniBand Switch
37Optical Fiber Cable

The latest information will be updated continuously.

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