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 The implementation requirements for the revision of relevant standards for products which are CCC compulsory and applicable to declaration of compliance

The CNCA published a notice on February 8th 2021, it aims at keeping products, which are CCC compulsory and applicable to declaration of compliance, continuously meeting the requirements of the latest relevant standards. It can be concluded as the following key points:


1. The manufacturers should actively keep tracking the latest revision of relevant standards for their products.


2. The evaluation can be carried out according to the old version or the new version of the standard voluntarily during the transition period after the release of the new standard and before its implementation. As soon as the new version of standard has come into force, only new standard is available.


3. For those products which have completed the whole process of evaluation with old version of standard, they should be scheduled and completed the evaluation with new version of standard within one year of implementation date. All declarations under old version of standard will be automatically withdrawn by self-declaration of compliance system (http://sdoc.cnca.cn) after one year of implementation date of the new version of standard. There is no need to apply for standard upgrade for products which have been put on market or no longer in production.


4. All organizations (including authorities and laboratories) should provide good service, to help manufacturers to get the correct and details of standards’ divination. Additionally, they have to make sure they have acquired corresponding technical accreditation.


5. It come into force on the date of its publication, on February 8th 2021.


For those Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment which input voltage rating is not higher than 5Vdc, and power consumption is less than 15W (or 15VA), and has not re-chargeable battery, it is under CCC compulsory and applicable to declaration of compliance. BTL could provide testing service to it.


Please refer to the bellowing news from CNCA.http://www.cnca.gov.cn/zw/gg/gg2021/202102/t20210209_65034.shtml


The latest information will be updated continuously.

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