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Frequency: 60Hz
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New Conformity Assessment Procedure(PEC) for wireless products for Mexico

A new Conformity Assessment Procedure (PEC) for telecommunications and broadcasting products has been take effect in the Mexico Official Gazette on February 25th 2021.It is the new procedure by which all the telecommunications products must be approved, for which there is a current standard and therefore a test procedure, although it is very similar to the current procedure it includes some changes in relevant issues.

Key certification scheme changes as following,

  1. This implies that certificates used by third parties can no longer be used to demonstrate compliance in customs and each importer must obtain their own IFT certificate and their respective CoC, this includes modules.Regarding the new certification schemes, the choice of the certification scheme is based on the amount of equipment to be marketed / imported.

    The four certification schemes are:

a. Sample by model for a just one batch, when only one batch of products of the same model will be sold / imported and it will not be done again. In this case there is no surveillance.

b. Sample by model and surveillance for more than one batch, it is the equivalent of the scheme we currently use; this scheme assumes that it is not known when a product will stop being marketed / imported.

c. Sample by Family of products and surveillance, it is the equivalent of the scheme we currently use.

d. Sample by Telecommunications or Broadcasting Device and Surveillance, this scheme does not yet have an associated standard and would allow the homologation of modules focused on the IoT only.

2.Test reports must mention validity of 60 days.


3.Companies are only allowed to test a product twice, using two different samples. If it fails both times, the product cannot be certified.

By now only the product which requiring test following standard are affected by this changes:

a. NOM-196-SCFI-2016 (IFT-004-2014)

b. NOM-208-SCFI-2016 (IFT-008-2015)

c. NOM-218-SCFI-2017 (IFT-005-2016)

d. IFT-011-2017 (NOM-221/2-SCFI-2018


Validity of current certificates,All IFT certificates where no testing was involved will remain valid and not affected by this changes.

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