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Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50Hz
Official Language: English & Chinese& Malay

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Singapore IMDA : Technical Specifications Revised

IMDA Singapore has released IMDA TS CMT and IMDA TS CBS with revised technical specifications on September 30, 2020:


● IMDA TS CMT (Cellular Mobile Terminal): 5G frequency band and testing are also in this version, including the new EMC standard requirements CISPR 35 (change from the previous CISPR 24) and the version before 2016 In comparison, the safety requirements of EN 62368-1 have also been added.


● IMDA TS CBS (Cellular Base Station and Repeater System): The main change is to include the 5G frequency band into the standard, including the following 5G frequency bands n77, n78, n257, n258 and n261. 


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