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Inspection Control for CU EAC CoC

The Government of the Russian Federation passed the inspection control new law on 2020/01/01. The content is mainly for applying for the EAC CoC certificate. During the validity period of the certificate, a factory inspection must be completed every year to ensure quality. The factory inspection is through Skype Video inspection.


In Resolution 1236:

P. 4 The founder or member of a legal entity recognized by the national certification system has no members, and is composed of key personnel of the certified personnel who were previously the founder or participant of a legal entity recognized by the national certification system. Those who worked among the key personnel of other accredited persons in the previous two years of the national part were found to have large-scale or systematic and unreasonable issuance of documents. Accredited personnel, when the federal government monitors the activities of certified personnel Evasion of verification, or application for termination of certification during the inspection, or cessation of operation as a certification body, and has not stopped verifying the certificates of products issued under compulsory certification, or has failed to transfer the inspection function to other authorities.


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