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Voltage: 127 / 220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Portuguese

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Brazil ANATEL Published Public Consultation n.o 54/2020

Recently ANATEL released the Public consultation n.o 54/2020 in order to update the Act 14448.

 The public consultation will expire on 23rd August. After that ANATEL will evaluate the comments and publish the final conclusion.

Here are the main topics described in this public consultation:

- Item 9.2 – Update the frequency range from Vehicle radars from 76-77 to 76-81 GHz and update the limits

- Item 9.5 – Allow new type of device (Level Detection transmitter) to use the range of 76-81 GHz and includes its limits

- Item 10 –  Update the 5GHz Band IV from 5725-5850 MHz to 5725-5895 MHz

- Item 11 –  Define that 5GHz Band III (5470-5725 MHz) can only be used for indoor devices

BTL is experienced in Brazil type approvals. We can provide pre-assessment and high-efficiency certification service. Should you have any inquiry about Brazil approval, please feel free to contact BTL IA Dept.


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