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Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Official Language: Thai

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Thailand TISI is about to enforce portable power bank

The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) announced that mobile power will be included in the TISI compulsory certification list on June 19, 2020, with a transition period of 150 days, which will be enforced on November 16, 2020, within the scope of the standard All mobile power supplies need to obtain TISI certification before they can be marketed. Previously, the mobile power supply TISI implemented the standard TIS2879-2560 for voluntary certification.


Control range:

Any portable mobile power supply with a DC output voltage more than 1V ,but not exceed 6V, a mobile energy storage device with a secondary battery with one or more charging ports. Including mobile power (charging treasure), mobile power for fast charging of electronic appliances and other possible mobile power.

The following products are not mandatory for TIS 2879-2560:

1. Ability to charge other devices, but the charging function is not its main function. Such as mobile speakers and laptops.

2. Mobile power supply with output voltage exceeding 6V (such as automobile emergency power supply)

3. UPS

The TIS 2879-2560 standard stipulates the safety requirements, test methods, signs and warnings of mobile power banks. In addition, the standard also stipulates that the batteries and batteries built into the mobile power supply must meet the requirements of TIS 2217 and TIS 1561.


Testing requirements:

1. The batteries and batteries for mobile power supply need to meet the safety requirements of standard TIS2217

2. Mobile power needs the test requirements of standard TIS1561



■ Name of manufacturer and distributor, trademark, country of origin


■ Product model, serial number and product batch


■ Class II products need to be marked with “back” glyph


■ Rated input voltage (V), current (mA or A)


■ Rated output voltage (V), current (mA or A)


■ Non-DC products require rated input frequency or frequency range (Hz)


■ Rated capacity (mAH, Ah)


■ Date of manufacture


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