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Voltage: 110/220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Official Language: Korean

1、Pre-test in BTL Lab before expressing the samples;
2、Pre-testing in our lab is exactly the same as testing in Korea to ensure the smooth passage of tests in South Korea;
3、Reduce the deadline and costs;
4、Provides eye-testing for large items, eliminating the hassle of shipping samples;

Korean battery implementation standard KC 62133-2: 2020 will soon be mandatory


About the new standard KC 62133-2: 2020 launch related matters:


Product Range:

This standard expands the scope of product control, including batteries used for personal transportation, such as E-Quick boards, electric balance bikes / bicycles, and scooters will be included in the control target, and it will be enforced from January 2021.


Solicitation of opinions:

At present, KC62133-2: 2020 is in the process of soliciting opinions, and it is expected to be implemented in July 2020. The specific implementation time needs to wait for KATS official notice. This shows that after the KC62133-2: 2020 notice is issued and implemented, KC can accept IEC 62133 -2017 standard for re-certification.


Standard implementation date:

The existing standard KC62133: 2019 will be abandoned on December 31, 2020. Prior to this, the battery implementation standards KC62133: 2019 and KC62133-2: 2020 can be accepted for application. After the discard date, the KC62133: 2019 standard version will no longer be accepted, which means that CB-IEC62133: 2012 It will be accepted before December 31, 2020, after which it will no longer accept applications for transfer of certificates.


If the battery and battery-related products are exported to South Korea, please pay attention to this information, BTL will continue to make further updates, if you have further consultation and related certification needs, please call BTL International Department, thank you all the way!



Regarding the official implementation time of the K (or KC) standard of 62368 in Korea, due to the need to collect opinions from all parties, it is still under discussion so far. It is expected that the implementation plan will not be available until the following year (2021) at the earliest. If there are any changes or news, we will inform you in time.


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