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State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration had issue an announcement for optimizing the compulsory product certification catalog

In order to further deepen the reform system of mandatory product certification, our State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration (Accreditation Committee) had published No.18 Announcement, 2020 version --- optimizing the compulsory product certification catalog. It was mentioned in the Announcement that there are 17 items around 103 kinds of products listed in the catalog for facilitate the relevant parties to accurately define the scope of the mandatory product certification catalog. Accreditation Committee had revised compulsory product certification catalog description and definition list. At the same time, the announcement of the "Announcement of the CNCA on Issuing the Description and Definition Table of the Catalogue of Compulsory Product Certification" (CNAC Announcement No. 45 of 2014) is abolished.

Product category pls see below table: 

Compulsory product certification catalogue
Product categoryProduct type and code
1.Wire and Cable(3)1. Wire assembly(0101)
2. Rubber insulated wire and  cable with rated voltage 450 / 750V and below(0104)
3. PVC insulated wire and cable  with rated voltage 450 / 750V and below (0105)

2.Circuit switch and electrical  device for protection or connection(5)4.Plug and socket(0201)
5.Switches for household and  similar fixed electrical installations(0202)
6.Appliance coupler(0204)
7.Household and similar use  fixed electrical device electrical appliance enclosure(0206)

3.Low-voltage electrical  appliances(2)**9.Low-voltage switchgear(0301)
**10.Low voltage components(0302、0303、0304、0305、0306、0307、0308、0309)

4.Small power motor(1)**11.Small power motor(0401)

5. Electrical tools(3)*12.Electric drill(0501)
*13.Electric grinder(0503)
*14.Electric hammer(0506)

6.Electric welding machine(4)*15.DC arc welding machine(0603)
*16.TIG arc welding machine(0604)
*17.MIG / MAG arc welding  machine(0605)
*18.Plasma arc cutting machine(0607)

7.Household and similar  equipment(19)19.Household refrigerators and  food freezers(0701)
20.Electric fan(0702)
21.Air conditioner(0703)
23.Household electric washing  machine(0705)
24.Water heater(0706)
25.Indoor heater(0707)
26.Vacuum cleaner(0708)
27.Skin and hair care  appliances(0709)
28.Electric iron(0710)
29.Induction cooker(0711)
30.Electric oven (portable  grill, toaster and similar cooking appliances)(0712)
31.Electric food processing  appliances (food processing machines (kitchen machinery)(0713)
32.Microwave oven(0714)
33.Electric stoves, cooktops,  ovens and similar appliances (standing electric ovens, fixed grills and  similar cooking appliances)(0715)
34.Grease pump(0716)
35.Liquid heater and hot and  cold water dispenser(0717)
36.Rice cooker(0718)
37.Electric blanket, electric  pad and similar flexible heating appliances(0719)

8.Electronic products and  safety accessories(18)38.Single speaker and  multi-speaker active speakers with total output power below 500W (effective  value)(0801)
39.Audio power amplifier(0802)
40.Various types of audio and  video recording, playback and processing equipment (including various optical  discs, tapes, hard disks, etc.)(0805、0812)
41.Color TV receivers and TV  set-top boxes for various imaging methods(0808)
42.Electronics piano(0813)
44.Laptop computer(0902)
45.Display device used with  computer(0903)
46.Printing equipment connected  to computer(0904)
47.Multipurpose printing copier(0905)
50.Fax machine(1602)
51.Cordless telephone terminal(1604)
52.Mobile user terminal(1606)
53.Data terminal(1608)
54.Multimedia terminal(1609)
55. Power supply(0807、0907)

9.Lighting appliances(2)56. Lamps(1001)
57. Ballast(1002)

10.Vehicles and safety  accessories(13)58. Car(1101)
59. Motorcycle(1102)
60. Electric bicycle(1119)
61.Motor vehicle tires(1201、1202)
62.Motorcycle occupant helmet(1105)
63.Automobile brake lining(1120)
(Start from 2020.6.1.)
**64.Car safety glass(1301)
**65.Car seat belt(1104)
**66.Motor vehicle exterior  lighting and light signal device(1109、1116)
**67.Motor vehicle indirect  vision device(1110、1115)
**68.Car seats and head restraints(1114)
**69.Car driving recorder(1117)
**70.Body reflective logo(1118)

11.Agricultural machinery  products(2)71.Plant protection machinery(1401)
72.Wheel tractor(1402)

12.Fire products(3)73.Fire alarm products(1801)
74.Fire extinguisher(1810)
75.Evacuation products(1815)

13.Security products(2)76.Intrusion detector(1901)
77.Anti-theft alarm controller(1902)

14.Building materials products(3)78.Solvent wood coating(2101)
79.Porcelain brick(2102)
80.Construction safety glass(1302)

15.Products for children using(3)81.Baby carriage products(2201)
83.Restraint system for child  occupants of motor vehicles(2207)

16.Explosion-proof electrical(17)84.Explosion-proof motors(2301)
85.Explosion-proof electric  pump(2302)
86.Explosion-proof power  distribution products(2303)
87.Explosion-proof switch,  control and protection products(2304)
88.Explosion-proof starter  products(2305)
89.Explosion-proof transformer  products(2306)
90.Explosion-proof electric  actuator, solenoid valve products(2307)
91.Explosion-proof plug-in  device(2308)
92.Explosion-proof monitoring  products(2309)
93.Explosion-proof  communication, signal device(2310)
94.Explosion-proof  air-conditioning, ventilation equipment(2311)
95.Explosion-proof electric  heating products(2312)
96.Explosion-proof accessories,  Ex components(2313)
97.Explosion-proof  instrumentation products(2314)
98.Explosion-proof sensor(2315)
99.Safety barrier products(2316)
100.Explosion-proof instrument  box products(2317)

17.Household gas appliances(3)101.Household gas stove(2401)
102.Domestic gas rapid water  heater(2402)
103.Gas heating water heater(2403)

Note: * Marked products are products that implement self-declaration procedure A (optional laboratory type test + self-declaration) (7 types), ** marked products are products that implement self-declaration procedure B (designated laboratory type test + self-declaration) (12 types).

Since the announcement date, the new product catalogue has been implemented. The release of the new product catalogue means that some products in the old catalogue are no longer included in the previous compulsory list. For 08,09,16 types of products, BTL have sort out the differences for your reference!

No.Change ItemBeforeAfter
1Type 0805 describes or lists different product scope.Tape recorder, CD player, VCD / super VCD player, LD player, DVD  player, MP3 recorder / player, MP4 recorder / player, disc player, CD / MD  player, laser player with recording function , Voice repeater, encoder /  decoder with carrier, etc.1. VCR, record player, CD player with recording function, voice  repeater, encoder / decoder with carrier, etc.

2. 0804 (tuned receivers and radios for various broadcast bands), 0806  (combination of the above four 0801, 0802, 0804, 0805 devices), 0809,  (monitor) 0811 (picture tube), 0814 (antenna amplifier) was removed from  mandatory list.
20807/0907 different descriptions of product categories.The power adapter (including charge / discharger) for audio and video  equipment need to apply for 0807 certification, and the built-in computer  power supply and power adapter charger need   to apply for 0907 certification.The new compulsory catalog puts 0807/0907 together for description,  and installs the internal power of the computer / server with the rated power  below 1300W to the rated current less than or equal to 6A.
30903 Different description or enumeration of product application range.Display devices used with computers include: LCD liquid crystal  display, CRT monochrome display, CRT color display, display terminal, PDP  display, projection display, LED electronic display, other displays.

Data projectors include: CRT (cathode ray tube) projector, LCD (liquid  crystal display projector, DLP (digital light path processor) projector, DLV  (digital light valve) projector.
Display equipment includes: LCD liquid crystal display, OLED  electronic display, LED electronic display, other display terminals, etc.

Data projectors include: LCD projectors, DLP projectors, DLV  projectors, etc.
40908 (Computer game) / 0909  (Learning machine) / 0910 (Copier).Computer game need to apply for  0908,Learning  machine need to apply for 0909, Copier need to apply for 0910.Computer game, Learning  machine, Copier is no longer include in the list.
50911 Different description or  enumeration of product scope.Server: Suitable for servers  with rated power less than 1300 watts. Disk array with server function,  network server, blade server, etc.Server: Suitable for servers  with rated current less than or equal to 6A. Disk arrays with server  functions, tower servers, rack servers, blade servers, etc.
61601 (modem (including card)) /  1603 (fixed telephone terminal and telephone additional device) / 1605 (group  telephone) / 1607 (ISDN terminal).Modem (including card) needs to  apply for 1601, fixed phone terminals and additional devices for phones need  to apply for 1603, PBX needs to apply for 1605, and ISDN terminals need to  apply for 1607Modem (including card), fixed  telephone terminal and telephone additional device, PBX, and ISDN terminal  have been removed from the mandatory list.
7Category 1608 describes or  lists different product scopes.Data  terminal (including card): a communication terminal product (including  built-in card) that is used in a computer room that is not managed and  maintained by a communications operator and has data storage, conversion, and  delivery functions.

Such  as: store-and-forward fax / voice card, Ethernet hub (operating voltage  covers 220V single-phase power frequency, and the port is fixed, and the  communication port is all Ethernet port), interface converter, POS terminal  (lottery sales terminal), etc.
Data terminal: The built-in  card is no longer included. Stored and forwarded fax / voice card has been  deleted from the directory.
8The 2020 version puts 08  categories, 09 categories and 16 categories together for a general product  description.Total three categories with 32  types.See above table item 8.(Total  18 types)

For China CCC certification, BTL have rich experiences for over 18 years. And BTL will keep on providing the most professional technical support. We insist on providing professional China Market access approval service and support you quickly launch the products into the market. Your service experience is the value of our efforts, thank you for your support all the way, thank you!

Source of information: http://gkml.samr.gov.cn/nsjg/rzjgs/202004/t20200428_314776.html?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0


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