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Voltage: 220~240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Official Language: Malay

Important notes: Malaysia will start to force IPv6

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) issued a new regulation “MCMC MTSFB TC T013: 2019” in July 2019. The release of this regulation means that the corresponding products supporting IPv6 network protocol technology will be included in the scope of mandatory certification control From July 2020, IPv6 certification will be mandatory.


1. Scope of control: This provision is only for the mandatory certification of "Directly Connected" equipment, that is, equipment directly connected to the cellular service provider (Cellular Service Provider) or Internet network service provider (Internet Provider), such as gateways, routers or mobile phones, etc. To make it easier for everyone to understand, the "Directly Connected" device works as follows:



2. Certification mental requirements:

● IPv6 Functional requirements

● Electrical Safety(inclusive Power supply and Power Cord)

● EMC (MS CISPR 22 or equivalent)

● Marking (Information on the marking label)

● Language(related documents shall be in Malaysian or English)


3. Other requirements:

●The test needs to be completed in the SIRIM official laboratory (SIRIM lab) or IPv6 authorized / accredited laboratory (IPv6 forum labs) and a report is issued to apply for IPv6 certification.


This information is used to remind relevant customers that if such products are imported into Malaysia, please pay attention to apply for market access permission for the corresponding products according to the new implementation specifications.


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