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Taiwan approval Q&A


Q:Why we should apply for BSMI?

A:According to CNS standards which are set by BSMI, every item that is announced mandatory to take test by BSMI, no matter it’s made by national factory or import from overseas, they all need to get BSMI approval so that they can be sold to Taiwan market. The products without BSMI approval may receive fine up to two million TWD according to laws. 


Q:Is your product mandatory?

A:BSMI will judge by CCC Code or we can issue the formal letter to BSMI for their judgment. 

     We can provide this service for you. 


Q:Difference between RPC and TA

A:TA: has to do random test for every importation.

     RPC: only need to show your BSMI certification when importation.

     Please contact us for further information.


Q:Certificate issue

A:1) BSMI is valid for three years and can be extended only once. If the certificate reaches six years time, you have to re-apply.

     2) Standard renew: if the standard has renewed during valid time of certificate, you can renew the certificate when you extend it. 


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