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Voltage: 110/220 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Official Language: Chinese

1、Close cooperation and connection with the certification body;
2、Thoughtful aftersales assistance;
3、Rich practical experience guidance for kinds of product;
4、Reduce the deadline and costs;

Taiwan Certificate Procedure

BSMI Registration of Product Certification

An applicant shall submit the application form and the following documents to the BSMI or commissioned product certification bodies (hereinafter referred to as the certification bodies) when applying for registration of product certification:
1. A copy of the registration document of the company, business, ID card,factory or other equivalent establishment registration documents of the applicant except if identical documents have been previously registered with the certification bodies;
2. The declaration of conformity-to-type, the type-test report, relevant technical documents, a copy of quality management system registration certificate and/or a copy of factory inspection report as required by the appropriate modules; and
3. Other information or technical documents required by the BSMI.


NCC Operating Procedures for the Application of Type Approval for CTRFD

All required data has been provided

Accept the application and charge approval fee.

1. Application form for CTRFD type approval.

2. User manual or instructions in Chinese or English.

3. Technical Specifications in Chinese or English.

4. Circuit diagram or block diagram.

5. Examination report of device sample.

6. Color photos or pictures (min. 4”x6”) of the device sample

7. Applicant who is a natural persons of the country shall submit two forms of identification of the Republic of China, whereas a domestic incorporate or non-incorporate organization or foreign manufacturer shall submit the company registration certificate.

8. Other certification documents requested by the Commission.

9. A CD with electronic files itemized from 1 to 8.


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