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China approval Q&A


Q:What are the mandatory product certification marks? 

A:The new national compulsory product certification mark is named "China Compulsory Certification". It is abbreviated as "CCC" in English, or "CCC" for short. The logo pattern is as follows: 



Q:What are the basic procedures for compulsory product certification? 

A:The basic procedures of the new compulsory product certification are: certification application and acceptance; sample test; initial factory review; evaluation and approval of certification results; supervision after certification. 


Q:What are the basic principles of accreditation of CB certificates? 

A:1. Compulsory product certification only accepts CB certificates in the standard catalogue of China's accession to IECEE-CB system. 

     2. When accrediting the CB certificate, the Certification Authority reserves the right to verify the prototype and make up for the national standard differences (even if the CB report contains the test contents of the national standard differences). 

     3. CB certificate should be valid for a period of time. The specific judgment is as follows: 

        (1) A corresponding CB report is attached. 

        (2) The CB certificates and reports issued by formal members with CB certification qualification in IECEE-CB system within their capabilities, and the presented standards must be within the scope of China's (NCB) accreditation. 

        (3) The criteria for issuing the certificate should be no less than the version of IEC standard corresponding to the current standard in China. 

        (4) CB certificate has been more than three years, and NCB should question it. 

        (5) The words "R.O.C" (Republic of China) appearing in CB certificates and CB reports are not recognized. 

     4. The key parts in CB report should be recognized in principle, but the information of parts certified and the standard information met in CB report should be checked, and the applicability of parts selection should be checked, and the right of review should be reserved. 

     5. The product type, specification, manufacturer and manufacturer in CB report and CB certificate must be consistent (or covered) with the product type, specification, manufacturer and manufacturer applying for compulsory product certification. Any inconsistency among them will not be recognized. 

     6. The applicant in CB certificate and the applicant applying for compulsory product certification should be consistent in principle. If the two applicants are inconsistent, the applicant for compulsory product certification shall provide the certificate of authorization of the CB certificate holder (applicant). The certificate of authorization shall include at least the declaration of authorization and the responsibilities of both parties. 

     7. The Standard Version of CB report should cover the current national standards in China. Otherwise, the deviation from our national standards should be supplemented with the corresponding content requirements. 


Q:What kind of factory does mandatory product certification factory refer to? 

A:The factory definition of compulsory product certification is the same as the internationally accepted definition. It refers to the place where the final assembly and/or testing of the certified product and the application of certification marks are carried out. 


Q:What are the procedures for certification? 

A:The applicant's application generally includes the following procedures: 

     (1) Application for certification and acceptance; 

     (2) Type test; 

     (3) Factory review; 

     (4) Sampling inspection; 

     (5) Evaluation and approval of certification results; 

     (6) Supervision after certification. 


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