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Frequency: 60Hz
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The latest Certification Statistics of Canda is coming!

At the FCC WORKSHOP meeting held on April 16, 2019, solstice 18, Canada officially released the relevant data of certification in 2018, covering the number of certification applications, the status of certification issuing agencies and testing laboratories.

From April 2018 to March 2019, a total of 7,142 certification applications were filed, up 3.4% year on year, with an average of 595 applications per month for CB certification, accounting for 99.1%.

Among them, the wireless authentication application is 6997, the communication authentication application is 96, the wireless + communication simultaneously application case is 49.


Accreditation of certification bodies and laboratories:

A total of 38 certification bodies (CB) were accredited;

A total of 247 wireless testing laboratories (Lab) were accredited;

A total of 39 accredited communication testing laboratories (LABS);

A total of 84 SAR testing laboratories (Lab) were accredited;

A total of 161 Exposure testing laboratories were accredited.

Dongguan/Taiwan/Shanghai division of BTL group have all been accredited by ISED in the area of wireless/communication /SAR/Exposure. Kindly feel free to contact us should there any testing and/or certification.


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