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FCC new EAS is coming, let's see the changes

On February 19, 2019, FCC had a conference call with TCB members to explain the changes of the new FCC EAS system.


1) Redesign is progressing


2) Launch of new system will most likely be April 24th


3) New KDB system will launch February 26th


4) New features include market surveillance, sample tracking system, composite devices in one form 731, new form 731, etc.


5) PAG will no longer be done through a KDB inquiry, it will be done directly in form 731


6) Grantee code will be sent out after payment is received instead of at time of application


7) Old system will be offline for all users (only visible to FCC as an archive)


8) Soft launch of new EAS is planned beforehand for TCB personnel in order to check scope etc.


9TCB scope will be modified; instead of A1-4, B1-4, C there will be 18 scopes similar to test scopes


10Separate user login for each key personnel


11Training for new EAS will take place at TCB Council workshop and via WebEx; other training for accrediting bodies etc. will be offered as well


12File size limit will be 25 MB per file


13) Multiple users associated with the TCB are able to make changes to a single application; an activity tracker will be logged for each application to see which user made which changes


14) Restructuring of EAS: 1. data migration, 2. Data validation, 3. API.


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