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Voltage: 127 / 220V
Frequency: 60Hz
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Brazil ANATEL issued a test request for NB-IoT technical equipment

ANATEL published the new Act no 630 (for ETA – Access Terminal Station) with and Act no 631 (Transceiver for Radio Base Station) to include the NB IoT requirements.


This new act will allow manufacturer to certify its products in Brazil with this technology.


Table below shows the new standards included for NB IoT:


ACt 630 (2019) /

Access Terminal  Station   (ETA)

Nb-IoT LTE Cat. M1

Nb-IoT Cat. NB1
ETSI TS 136 521-1 V14.4.0 (2017-11) LTE; Evolved  Universal   Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); User Equipment (UE)  conformance   specification; Radio transmission and reception; Part 1:  Conformance testing   (3GPP TS 36.521-1 version 14.4.0 Release 14)
ACt 631 (2019) / Radio Base   StationNb-IoT RBItem 6.3.3   NB-IoT RB power dynamic range for  in-band or guard band operation, according   to ETSI TS 136 141 V15.3.0  (2018-07) - LTE; Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio   Access (E-UTRA);  Base Station (BS) conformance testing (3GPP TS 36.141   version 15.3.0  Release 15).


Nowadays there is none laboratory able to do NB IoT testing in Brazil, so it may be possible to accept reports done by foreigner labs. In this case, the following rules must be respect:

a) Testing was done within 2 years


b) Testing was done by a laboratory accredited by an ILAC member (https://ilac.org/signatory-search/)


c) Test report must refer to the standards described in the ANATEL requirements.


ANATEL Act 630 (2019).pdf

ANATEL Act 631 (2019).pdf


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