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BTL shunde home appliance laboratory

On June 5, 2019, shunde household appliance laboratory affiliated to BTL testing group was officially opened.


Cheari and DTNC of South Korea visited BTL home appliance laboratory on the opening day and spoke highly of it.


Denny Wu, chairman of BTL group, Star Luo , general manager, Mr. Wu, deputy director of Cheari, and Tony You, general manager of DTNC(China) of Korea opened the laboratory.


BTL home appliance laboratory is located in shunde, the hinterland of home appliance manufacturing in the pearl river delta, adjacent to the majority of home appliance manufacturers, providing convenient and fast certification services and deeply integrating into the global chain of home appliance r&d and manufacturing.



BTL - DG(ShunDe)


Site:Unit 101 ,Firstfloor, Tianfulaiglobalolaza, No.33, Rongli changbao Westroad, Rongguistreet, Shunde, FoShan, China

BTL inspection group from Taiwan, in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, dongguan, foshan, shunde and other places have can provide customers with professional inspection certification service centers and offices, with Conformance, EMC, RF, SAR, Telecom, OTA, Safety, Energy efficiency and other related special laboratory more than 80, to provide customers with more than 130 countries in the international access authentication service.

2019 is known as the first year of 5G. As the society enters the era of 5G, smart homes, which used to only be the plot of science fiction films, begin to enter ordinary people's homes.Like in science fiction, we can use a single cell phone or even a single verbal command to efficiently and accurately execute instructions on multiple electronic devices in the home.In order to cooperate with the arrival of the new era, BTL not only has a professional home appliance laboratory, but also improves the detection level to meet the requirements of 5G from the aspects of hardware and technology.

Each product only needs to enter the BTL testing laboratory to complete the most comprehensive, most advanced and most in line with market demand testing and certification services at the fastest speed!


Welcome to contact the staff of BTL in different places to provide you with more comprehensive services!


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