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Impact of the new EU Battery Regulation (EU) 2023/1542 on manufacturers of audio/video/IT and communication technology equipment

The new regulation (EU)2023/1542 sets out detailed requirements for performance/durability, safety, labelling, marking and information on batteries that are allowed to be placed on the EU market. It also sets out the Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR), minimum requirements for the collection and disposal of used batteries and notification.

The new regulation applies to all categories of batteries placed on the market or put into service in the EU (except military, aerospace, nuclear use), including:

- Portable battery

- Starting, lighting and ignition battery (SLI battery)

- Light means of transport battery (LMT battery)

- Electric vehicle battery (EV battery)

- Industrial batteries

The regulations put forward detailed requirements for the product itself and related industrial chains from the following aspects:

1. Sustainability and safety: including hazardous substance limitation, carbon footprint, recycled materials, performance and durability, portable battery removability and replaceability, safety, etc.

2. Labels and information: including general information, capacity information, QR code, trash can identification, battery health status and life expectancy, etc.

3. Battery consistency requirements: including presumption of compliance, common specifications, conformity assessment, EU declaration of conformity and CE marking, etc.

4. Other requirements: EPR of extended responsibility of producers, recycling management of waste batteries, battery passports, green public procurement.

For manufacturers of audio/video, IT and communication technology equipment (AV/ICT), the biggest impact is the above-mentioned "Removable and Replaceable Portable Batteries". Since the design of future products needs to consider the replacement of batteries, many restrictions are added to the appearance and case design of products. This section requires that starting from 2027-02-18, batteries in products (except those specified in #Note 1) can be easily removed and replaced by the user at any time during the life of the product. This requirement applies only to the entire battery pack and does not apply to individual cells or other parts contained in the battery. Instructions and safety information regarding the use, removal and replacement of batteries should be provided permanently online on a public website in a manner that is easy for end users to understand.

# Note 1, the products mentioned below can be exempted from this requirement of "users can easily replace the battery":

1. Products specially designed to operate in environments that are subject to frequent splashing water, water currents or water immersion, and are washable or washable;

2. Professional medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, as well as in vitro diagnostic medical equipment


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