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[Interpretation] Japan opens Wi-Fi 6E certification

On September 2, 2022, Japan's MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) issued a "provincial order on correcting the implementation rules of the radio wave law" (Order No. 59 of the Ministry of education for four years), which updated the technical requirements of the 5925 ~ 6425 MHz band of Wi-Fi 6E band 5. The next day (September 3), Japanese DSP agency publish the characteristic test method of "6GHz band Low Power Data Communication System", providing a test method for Japanese Wi-Fi 6E certification. Since then, Japan has opened its Wi-Fi 6E certification application. Here is an interpretation of the relevant regulations in Japan:

>> Equipment Categories <<

Equipment categories of Japanese Wi-Fi 6E:


As shown in the above table, Wi-Fi 6E band 5 in Japan is only allowed to be used in Low Power Indoor (LPI) and Very Low Power (VLP) at present.

>> MIC VS CE & FCC <<

Comparison of Wi-Fi 6E technical requirements between Japan, Australia, European Union and the United States:


As shown in the above table, the technical requirements of Japanese Wi-Fi 6E are close to those of the European Union.

>> Test Items <<

Japanese Wi-Fi 6E certification requires the following tests:


As shown in the above table, the test items of Japanese Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 5G are not very different.

In Japan, the higher band (6425 ~ 7125 MHz) of Wi-Fi 6E is still under careful consideration and has not been opened yet. BTL will share the latest information with you after the subsequent update of the Japanese Wi-Fi 6E band.


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