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Australian Wi-Fi 6E band Update

On March 3, 2022, ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) updated the Radiocommunications LIPD (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence and added the technical requirements of Wi-Fi 6E band 5 5925 ~ 6425 MHz. Previously, Australia considered opening the whole Wi-Fi 6E band 5925 ~ 7125 MHz. At present, it is opening 5925 ~ 6425 MHz first, and 6425 ~ 7125 MHz is still under consideration.

Here is the interpretation of relevant Australian regulations:

------------- Technical Requirements of LIPD -------------


Radiocommunications LIPD Class Licence Variation 2022 (No. 1), which Item 63AA and 63AB are inserted after item 63 (RLAN 5470-5600 MHz & 5650-5725 MHz):


As shown in the above table, at this stage, Wi-Fi 6E band 5 in Australia is only approved for Low Power Indoor (LPI) and Very Low Power (VLP).


-------------- Australia VS Europe & America --------------


Comparison of Wi-Fi 6E technical requirements between Australia, EU and the United States:


-------------------- AS/NZS 4268 Update --------------------


On November 19, 2021 last year, AS/NZS 4268:2017 updated a version of Amendment 1. The content is not much different from the original version. The main difference is that Figure 1 and Table 1 have added relevant descriptions of LIPD. The purpose of Amendment 1 is to refer users of this standard to the most current LIPD class licence information, to replace the information previously contained in Table 1.


Therefore, although the Wi-Fi 6E band is not added to table 1 in the latest version of AS/NZS 4268:2017 Amendment 1:2021 standard, the Wi-Fi 6E certification application in Australia still needs to be carried out according to the standard, and the test still needs to refer to CE / FCC.


Although Australia has opened Wi-Fi 6E certification application, it should be noted that New Zealand has not approved the use of Wi-Fi 6E at this stage. After New Zealand opens Wi-Fi 6E, BTL will share the latest information with you.


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