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CTIA V3.9 change interpretation

The latest version of CTIA V3.9 will be released at the end of 2019, and the new version will be mandatory in February 2020. 

This version is greatly changed from the previous Version of V3.8.2, which mainly includes the following points:


1.   Add 5G NR FR1(Sub-6ghz) test

Add 5G NR FR1(Sub-6ghz) test as reference information, not mandatory test content.The test frequency bands are N2, N5, N41, N66, N70, N71 and N78 respectively.Unlike LTE, which tests only one bandwidth per band, 5G NR requires two or three bandwidth tests.

The bandwidth and frequency of each frequency band are as follows:

Note: the n66 TIS needs to test four channels at 40MHz.TRP of N70 needs to be tested at 5MHz and 15MHz, while TIS of N70 needs to be tested at 15MHz and 25MHz.

2. Add NB-IOT tests.

Respectively test frequency Band 2/4/5/12/13/14/17/25/71/26/66.


3. Add LTE Band48/71 band test.

The uplit frequency of Band 48 is 3551.58mhZ-3698.42mhz, and the downlink frequency is 3555MHZ-3695mhz.The upline frequency of Band 71 is 664.58mhZ-696.42mhz and the downlink frequency is 622MHZ-647mhz.


4. OTA test of ZigBee equipment was added

The added ZigBee OTA test is for reference only and does not belong to mandatory testing.

TRP/TIS test channels and frequencies are as follows:



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