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IoT Abstract


IoT test is based on radio waves attenuation air and environment model, comprehensive account of the differences of different users using the environment, for smart home wireless communication equipment throughput, distance attenuation, roaming, objects within the wireless entangled, environmental interference, the shielding effect created by compartment Material, produced by the performance of the software control gives the qualitative and quantitative evaluation method, and evaluation of intelligent household equipment wireless signal connection quality affect the user experience.

Testing Standard

1.  T/CAS 392-2020

2.  MIUI ecological chain WiFi test standard

Serving products

Network equipment: AP, router, switch

Kitchen/Dining room equipment: refrigerator, washing machine, range hood, rice cooker

Bathroom equipment: closestool, bathtub, bibcock, bathroom mirror, shower room, sauna room, hair dryer

Living/bedroom equipment: TV, lighting, smart door lock, sweeper, air conditioner, massage chair, air purifier, smart speaker, dehumidifier, smart remote control, fitness equipment, smart socket, camera projection

Test items and sites

Test items


Test site






IoT Test Room


Grading criteria and labels

According to the actual scoring rate of the test items, the wireless connection level of the equipment is divided into 1 to 3 levels, of which 1 level is the highest. The products can be certified and sold with smart labels.

Level of wireless connection for smart home devices

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