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BQB Tips: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


BQB News, BTL obtained Bluetooth SIG official BQTF accreditation

As mentioned before, both new and old customers often have some questions about BQB certification. Here we have sorted out some questions  asked frequently with answers, please find it for your reference.



Q:What is BQB?

A:BQB (Bluetooth Qualified Body), generally referred as Bluetooth certification or listing. BQB listing is a kind of industry certification, it can also be called technology patent certification.



Q:What is BQTF?

A:BQTF is short for Bluetooth Qualification Testing Facility, it means only those testing facilities recognized by Bluetooth SIG can provide Bluetooth Testing services for all of Bluetooth members, and these facilities are listed in the Bluetooth SIG website. BTL has already obtained the BQTF Qualification, we can provide testing and certification services to all Bluetooth members.



Q:Is BQB compulsory?

A:Yes, the BQB certification does not distinguish product categories, as long as using the Bluetooth technology patents, then it requires BQB certification.

Only the product that has completed the BQB certification that can use the Bluetooth marking legally.



Q:What is Bluetooth technology?

A:Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-distance data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and building personal domain networks (using UHF radio waves in the ISM band of 2.4 -- 2.485GHz)



Q:What countries or regions can be sold for BQB certification?

A:BQB does not categorized as any national or regional certification, it’s a kind of industry or technology patent certification, so as long as products obtained this certification, they can be sold all over the world.



Q:Does BQB listing accept the application of series models?

A:YES. (no limit on model quantity)



Q:Can other models be added after listing?

A:Yes, as long as the model met the family models rule (it need to provide model difference declaration and confirmation), then it can be added.



Q:What’s the valid period for the BQB listing?

A:As long as the certified product is not changed, it will be valid forever.



Q:What is SIG?

A:SIG is short for Bluetooth Special Interest Group, also known as the Bluetooth technology alliance, it’s the management unit of BQB. Its headquartered is in the United States.



Q:What’s the difference between Associate and Adopter member of SIG?

A:Associate member means Alliance member, subject to annual fee (annual fee member)

     Adopter member is without annual fee (free membership).



Q:How’s the annual fee for Associate members?

A:It depends on the Annual revenue of the company, the annual fee is USD 35,000 if the Annual revenue exceeds USD 100 million, and the annual fee is $7,500 if the annual revenue is less than $100 million.



Q:What are the fees for BQB?

A:(1) Testing fee (Charged by BQTF)

     (2) Listing fee (DID fee charged by SIG), cases as follows:

          Associate member: 4000 USD/DID

          Adopter member: 8000 USD/DID



Q:How long will the BQB test take?

A:The general lead-time for testing is about two weeks, depending on the sample stability.



Q:What are the test items for BQB?

A:Roughly divided into RF, Profile, and Protocol.

     RF test for BQB is a systematic test of Bluetooth transmission and reception performance. This part of the test is also in accordance with the latest standards released by the Bluetooth alliance requirements, compare with other radio frequency test, the BQB test items will be much more and more stringent. The test system must specified by the Bluetooth alliance and only BQTF laboratory is authorized for testing.

     Profile tests the functionality of the product and the test shall perform through the official designated tool PTS. It test the interoperability of the product in consumer use.

     Protocol refers to Protocol testing. The Bluetooth Protocol test of DUT includes the underlying support of baseband, link management and other series. This part is not generally available to consumers, but as an indispensable part of developing Bluetooth products, most chip manufacturers have completed the certification of this part when designing chips.



Q:How to prepare testing samples?

A:RF/ RH-PHY: Engineering Sample*2pcs that can enter into test mode and shall connect with SMA connector

Profile: Commercial Sample* 2pcs



Q:Under what circumstances can the product be directly listed without testing?

A:The product refers to the certified Bluetooth module, which classed as end Product (It can be checked in SIG system). And the product has not changed the Bluetooth-related RF (Radio Frequency), Profile (function), etc., then it can be listed directly if it meets all the above conditions.



Q:What case can use the same DID for listing?

A:There was family model listing before (only the model name different), then it’s allow to list directly on the original DID.

With the same product category (such as mouse), use the same Bluetooth chip/module, and the RF and Profile parameters of Bluetooth remain unchanged, the same DID can be used for listing



Q:What will be evaluated before products certification/listing?

A:For the products that use the qualified Bluetooth end products or subsystems of other members to design their own brands without changing or adding Bluetooth functions, product specifications, and QDID of the Bluetooth end products or subsystems shall be provided to the laboratory to assess whether testing is needed.

     For the design of the Bluetooth circuit using the Bluetooth chip, instead of using the qualified Bluetooth subsystem product or the qualified Bluetooth end product to design the Bluetooth circuit, the product specification and the QDID(s) of the certified chip Component shall be provided for the laboratory to evaluate the preliminary test content.



Q:What are the latest news for BQB certification or listing?

A:For the new QDL certification (Testing + Listing), since January 28, 2019, SIG has not accepted Bluetooth certification under version 4.2, which means that only product testing certification with version 4.2 or above can be accepted by SIG.

     For the EPL reference Listing (no new test is added, referring to the previously certified QDID), the current version 2.1-3.0 is up to July 1, 2020, version 4.0 is up to February 1, 2022, and version 4.1 is up to February 1, 2023. Listing is available before these timelines.

    The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Board of Directors decided to discontinue the Innovation Incentive Program as of 10 February. No new applications for the program will be accepted after 10 February 2020. refer as follows:https://www.bluetooth.com/iip/ 


Please let us know if any other questions, We welcome customers to come to visit and consult anytime.



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