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French SAR Requirements for Wireless Products.

News content: 3/18 France releases new requirements for SAR "2020-03-18 Guide Réglementation DAS Vf", all content is in French, BTL editor exhausted his hard work, for you to interpret and explain that the relevant key points are in the requirements 2 to 4 o'clock.

The common requirement for 02,03,04 is that the power is 20mW and the product will be close to the head or within 20cm from the human body. It must meet this requirement.



1. The relevant information of the radio equipment should be made public, which mainly means that after the product manual 2020/07/01, all new products put on the market must meet its requirements. Products before 2020/07/01 are not affected by the new regulations.



2. For radio-related products, the SAR test results must meet the SAR requirements of the three scenarios of Head / Body / Limbe, and must not exceed the Limit requirements (Head / Body 10g<2.0 mW / g; Limbe 10g <4.0 mW / g), as long as Products that are still on the market, even if invested before 2020/07/01, need to meet their requirements.

Wed site: https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/eli/arrete/2019/11/15/SSAP1834792A/jo/texte



3. As long as the product is sold in France, the complete SAR message (Head / Body / Limbe) needs to be clearly stated in relevant promotional posters, coloring pages, etc., so that consumers know that products listed before July 1, 2020 This requirement must also be observed.


What product categories are covered by this requirement?

The basic judgment requirements are as mentioned above, and the main types of products covered are as follows,

The first type of power is greater than 20mW / close to the head and within 20cm of the body:

• mobile phone;

• Tablet PC with 3G or 4G / 5G SIM card;

• A connected watch with a mobile phone SIM card;

• Pocket 3G or 4G / 5G router (Pocket router type);

• portable maritime phone;

• Laptop with 3G or 4G / 5G key;

The second type of power is less than 20mW, but it is used within 20cm near the head and body:

• DECT standard cordless phone;

• Walkie-talkie or equivalent equipment (PMR);

• Tablet PC running on wifi or Bluetooth;

•wireless microphone;

• Radio controls for drones or for modeling;

• Attached motorcycle helmet;

• wifi laptop;


Related extension equipment:

• Wireless belt;

• wireless glasses;

• wireless headphones or headsets;

• Portable safety sensor (distance detector);

• VR / AR device;

• wireless watches;

Wireless products that are more than 20cm away from the human body are not affected by this.

For the sampling test of ANFR, ANFR will release news on the official website of each sampling test result:


You can search for "la valeur limite de DAS localisé" and you can see the relevant press release of the test results.

For products that have problems with spot testing or the manufacturer cannot prove that the product meets the requirements, ANFR will require the manufacturer to recall the product and notify the relevant units of the European Commission and law enforcement agencies in other EU member states. And can be fined 7,500 euros.

For manufacturers and dealers that refuse to enforce or fail to enforce for various reasons, ANFR has the power to sue local legal authorities, and prosecutors of legal institutions can impose fines of up to 1,500 euros per unit on sales.



ANFR also has a clear reply from the manufacturer on how to deal with agents or distributors and terminals, as follows:

For products listed before July 1, 2020, the manufacturer is obliged to provide the three SAR values of (head, body limb) to the agent or distributor. The distributor needs to post in the poster and advertisement to clearly inform the purchaser. user.

For products listed after July 1, 2020, the manufacturer needs to inform the user of the three SAR values in the user manual (head, body limb), and also needs to post posters and promotional advertisements at the marketing point to clearly inform the user.



How to judge the time of 2020/07/01?

As long as the product enters the EU domain and is provided to users or distribution points, regardless of the manufacturer, importer, or local distributor, as long as it enters the EU domain.

For SAR requirements, there will only be more and more in the future. BTL has Dasy SAR system and cSAR 3D fast SAR equipment, which can help customers to conduct complete SAR testing and evaluation, please advise.


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