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SABS News: Publication of SANS 2332 (CISPR 32)
Release time:2018-01-29 17:58:05  Author:

          Please be informed that CISPR 32 has now been adopted as South African National Standard (SANS) under the number SANS 2332:2017 (ED. 1.00).


          All SABS authorized labs need to be assessed again before testing as per SANS 2332. It will take some time for labs to complete the assessment. And there will not be any impact on the test reports issue before, SABS will continue to accept this test reports for 24 months after SANS 2332(CISPR 32) are adopted.


          BTL is the first lab to receive COC certificate since December, 2017, we have sufficient experience on SABS COC application.


          If you have any questions, please be free to contact Daisy at for confirmation.