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The Head SAR standard IEC 62209-1: 2005 is updated to IEC 62209-1: 2016
Release time:2016-08-30 10:56:14  Author:

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:


1. Extension of the frequency range to 300 MHz to 6 GHz.
2. Fast SAR methods.
3. Test reduction techniques.
4. SAR measurements of terminals with multiple antennas and multiple transmitters.
5. Deviation of dielectric characteristics of the tissue-equivalent liquids is relaxed up to 10 %.
6. Uncertainty evaluation guidelines for temperature and dielectric parameter deviations of tissue equivalent liquids.
7. Addition of the following annexes:
   ● Annex K (informative) Measurement uncertainty of specific fast SAR methods and fast SAR examples.
   ● Annex L (informative) SAR test reduction supporting information.
   ● Annex M (informative) Applying the head SAR test procedures.
   ● Annex N (informative) Studies for potential hand effects on head SAR.
   ● Annex O (informative) Quick start guide.