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The principal differences between AS/CA S043.2:2016 and AS/CA S043.2:2015
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AS/CA S043.2:2016, published on 9 August 2016.  The objective of this revision is to update AS/CA S043.2 to add requirements for some CE to support Electrical Length Estimation.  The principal differences between this draft edition of AS/CA S043.2 and the previous edition are the addition of a requirement for VDSL2 modems to support:


1.Upstream Power Backoff in Equipment Class 10v, consistent with the existing requirement for Equipment Classes 10h and 10j to 10n; and

2.Upstream Power Backoff Length Estimation Method (based on ITU-T Rec. G.993.2 [10]) in Equipment Classes 10h, 10j to 10n, and 10v.


Compliance with these added requirements should be by attestation by the supplier of the equipment.