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Thailand – Implementing the New Single Windows System from 1st Dec,2015
Release time:2016-01-08 09:13:48  Author:

Thai government has established National Single Window (NSW) with main objective to integrate all systems in order to develop one stop service and reduce working process between each part of government office such as import permit, export permit, related certificates.


1. Customs have completed to make list of goods that require import permit or certificates (called as Permission Goods) and announced on their website. This list will be in terms of HS code.


2. All importers or exporters will require to access this new system via National Single Window in order to input data to system. They can also upload import permit or certificates electronically (such as Import/Export Permit number, date, their tax ID). No more required to submit hardcopy.


3. Each authority such as NBTC and TISI, will also upload Import/Export Permit and/or Certificates to NSW system.


4. After importers or exporters uploading shipment information, custom computer system will verify information on import/export entry against permit/certificate such as Permit Number, Issue Date, Issuing authority Tax ID, Company Tax ID, Arrival Date, Effective Date, Invoice No., Invoice Date, Invoice Item No., Quantity, Quantity Unit Code, Discharge Port, Load Port, Country of Destination, Country of Origin.


5. At transition period that some authority may not be working 100% to upload certificates, this announcement also still open an option for importer/exporter to submit Import/Export Permit or Certificate in hardcopy.


6. There will be some cases that HS code stated to require Import/Export Permit or Certificate, but specific product under that HS code is actually exempted for permit or certificate. In this case, the announcement also allow importer/exporter to declare it as code EXEMPT1, 2,..., 99.