• FCC-Upcoming Spring 2014 TCBC Workshop 2014-08-19

    FCC - Upcoming Spring 2014 TCBC Workshop The Telecommunications Certification Body Council (TCBC) will host its Spring 2014 Workshop from April 7 - 11, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland: April 7, 2014 - Day 1 – Beginner TCB Training, for newbies April 8-10, 2014 - Days 2-4 – regular 3 day TCB Council Workshop April 11, 2014 - Day 5 – ISO Guide 17065 Training As indicated by the schedule, the regular 3-day Workshop event will be bracketed by a day for beginner training and a day for ISO 17065 training. The Beginner Trainin..【MORE】

  • Recent FCC KDB Publications 2014-08-19

    Here are the FCC Knowledge DataBase (KDB) entries that have recently been published. Publication Number Question Answer 447498 What are the RF exposure requirements and procedures for mobile and portable devices? Mobile and portable device RF exposure and equipment authorization requirements are found in 47 CFR Sections 1.1307, 2.1091, and 2.1093. Attachment 447498 D01 General RF Exposure Guidance v05r02 provides guidance pertaining to RF exposure require... 941225 What are the curren..【MORE】

  • FCC DFS Master Issue---2009-10-5 2014-08-19

    The Commission is working to resolve interference to Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) systems used at airports that has occurred from some outdoor wireless systems operating in the 5.4 GHz (5470 MHz - 5725 MHz) band. These wireless devices are required to implement radar detection and DFS functions when operating as a master device and are subject to Section 15.407 of our rules. We are working with the FAA and NTIA to develop long term equipment authorization test procedures that will ensure that the devices comply with our rules and also ..【MORE】


    Under a new FCC rule, anyone who uses a wireless microphone (or similar device) that operates in the 700 MHz Band must stop operating their wireless microphone (or similar device) no later than June 12, 2010. All users of 700 MHz Band wireless microphones (and similar devices) who wish to continue to use their equipment – including users such as theaters, churches, schools, conference centers, theme parks, and musicians – will need to retune or replace, if necessary their equipment no later than June 12, ..【MORE】