• New requirement from Argentina Authorities about ratings & manual volt.. 2014-08-19

    Products without a manual voltage selector switch cannot have a rating label marked with a slash, for example “100-127/200-240 Vac” or 110/220 Vac” or “120/220-240 Vac.” These ratings can no longer appear on the S Mark certificate or the marking plates on the products. For products without a manual voltage selector, the acceptable input voltages are the whole range “100-240 Vac” or the 220 V part (“200-240 Vac”, “220 Vac”, “220-240 Vac”) . Existing certi..【MORE】

  • EN 62301: 2005 will be replaced by EN 50564: 2011 on 3 March 2014 2014-08-19

    EN 50564: 2011 was derived from IEC 62301:2011 which specifies methods of measurement of electrical power consumption for electronic household and office equipment. Electronic products that previously evaluated according to (EU) No 1275/2008 and EN 62301: 2005 shall be evaluated according to (EU) No 1275/2008 and EN 50564: 2011 in able to mark with CE.【MORE】

  • Australian/New Zealand Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards 2014-08-19

    Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Computer) has come into force on 1 October 2013.【MORE】

  • Warning and Caution markings shall be provided in both English and Fre.. 2014-08-19

    1. All Safety, Warning and Caution markings as defined in Follow-Up Service Procedure are to be provided in both English and French languages. 2. The Field Representative will verify the physical presence of a required Safety, Caution, and Warning Markings in both English and French language. The correct translation of any marking is the sole responsibility of the Applicant/Manufacturer. 3. If, by January 1, 2014, the dual marking requirements have not been implemented, a Variation notice will be issued. 4. If the Field Representative ..【MORE】

  • EN 50332-1:2013 / EN 50332-2:2013 are available at 2013-10-25 2014-08-19

    EN 50332-1:2013 / EN 50332-2:2013 have been ratified by CENELEC at 2013-09-23, and the official language versions of an approved CEN/CENELEC publication distributed by the Central Secretariat are available on 2013-10-25. Date of Publication (DOP) will be on 2014-09-23 date of Withdrawal (DOW) will be on 2016-09-23 Note: 1. Date of publication (dop): latest date by which an EN has to be implemented at national level by publication of an identical national standard or by endorsement. 2. Date of withdrawal (dow): latest date by whic..【MORE】

  • Agency (EPA) 2014-08-19

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in August 2012 announced the AV products Energy Star 3.0 version of the specification to replace on March 30, 2012 as the beginning of ENERGY STAR Version 2.1 Stage 3 requirements. Based on Energy Star Version 3.0 requirements, from 1 May 2013 onwards audio products for Energy Star certification must meet the 3.0 version of the specification requirements. In addition, the old Energy Star 2.1 certified version also no longer valid, the issuing unit may only submit meet Energy Star 3.0 version of the ..【MORE】