China Certificate
  • China Energy Label 2014-10-06

    Memo China Energy Label Description ChinaEnergy Labelis a logo indicator to identifyaproductenergy efficiency ratings to alien withthe related conformance performance. In order to manage the high energy-saving potential productsand/or high energy-consumed products, Chinese Governmenthave developed anenergy efficiency labeling system to unify the efforts, and officially published the"Product Catalogto Implement Energy Efficiency Labeling for the People's Republic of China" to unifyt..【MORE】

  • TLC 2014-10-06

    Memo TLC Certification Description TLCCertification, issued by China Telecommunication Technology Lab (CTTL), is avoluntaryproduct certification. China Telecommunication Technology Lab (CTTL), was named under the authorization of Ministry of Information and Industry Technology (MIIT), and State General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine (AQSIQ), which is specialized inpost and telecommunicationsindustryenterprisequality control system certification, env..【MORE】

  • Telecommunication Equipment’s Network Access Management 2014-10-06

    Memo Telecommunication Equipment’s Network Access Management Description Telecommunication equipments include terminalequipment, radiocommunications equipment andinterconnectingnetwork equipment and so forth. Chinese Government requires an accesslicense as mandate before entrance topublic telecommunicationnetwork systemused bytelecommunications terminalequipment, radiocommunications equipment andrelatedinterconnectionoftelecommunications equipment.Implementsuchmanagement systemfor telecomm..【MORE】

  • CTA 2014-10-06

    Memo China Type Approval(CTA) Description China Type Approval (CTA) for radio frequency(RF) equipment is to certify in procedure during the product designed and developed stagebased uponspectrum parameters provisionin technical specification. To comply withthe requirements of "State Radio Regulatory Commission of the People's Republic of China (SRRC)", development, production and import of RF equipment, the operating frequencies and frequency bands shall comply with the relevant na..【MORE】

  • CECP 2014-10-06

    Memo China Energy Conservation Program (CECP) Description China Energy Conservation Program (CECP) certification is one of the voluntary certification developed and promoted by China Quality Certification (CQC).A“节”is designed inside logo, which indicates the product is in compliance with the relevant energy-saving requirements. Thescopes are covered electrical appliances, office equipment, lighting, electrical, transmission and transformation electrical equipment, construction and ..【MORE】

  • CQC Certification 2014-10-06

    Memo China Quality Certification (CQC) Description CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification developed by China Quality Certification Center. Productborn with CQC mark complies with the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility certification requirements. The scope covered machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials and the other 500 kinds of products.【MORE】