○ 1986  Neutron Engineering Inc. is formally established in Taipei Neihu District.
○ 1987  EMI 3-meter open site is accredited by FCC.

○ 1990  Safety testing lab. begin to implement witness testing of UL/CSA/TUV.

○ 1993  Safety testing lab begin to implement witness testing of CB-Scheme/Nordic.

○ 1995  EMI 10-meter chamber is accredited by FCC and VCCI.

○ 1997  Lab is accredited by BSMI and NVLAP/NEMKO.

○ 1998  Corporate is moved to Xizhi, build up a new safety / EMC testing lab, meanwhile, scope covered ITE, household
               appliances, portable power tools and lightings to serve the customers.

○ 2000  Accredited by CNLA (TAF) EMC lab.

○ 2001  Extend RF scope and qualified by Taiwan DGT for low-power RF products. Best Testing Lab is officially formed in
               Taiwan Xizhi and subsidiary in Shenzhen.

○ 2002  Safety lab launches witness testing with UL and TUV.  Get CNCA qualification as designated agent for CCC
               certification bodies.  Launch anechoic chamber 7x4x3 meters testing facilities.

○ 2003  The establishment of Beijing Office, to promote the telecom and network radio emission equipment and medical
               equipment SFDA certificate approval authentication services in China.

○ 2004  Invest Safety and EMC Lab building in Dongguan Dalang, and completed in the 2005/11, the campus area is
               nearly 4,000 square meters, which includes the construction of one 9x6x6 chamber, one open site, two 7x4x3 EMI
               chamber, one EMS chamber and staff dormitory.

○ 2005  Neutron and BTL officially merged as one company enables to deliver the full services like EMC, safety, global
              certifications and so forth for China and Taiwan customers.  Safety Lab is accredited by BSMI and TAF (CNLA).

○ 2007  Dongguan is accredited by CNAS, NVLAP, TAF.

○ 2008  Taipei is accredited as Safety CBTL under UL Demko.
○ 2009  Expand OTA test capabilities. Build up a 10 M anechoic chamber in Dongguan.

○ 2010  The establishment of telecom test lab and certified by US CTIA in Dongguan.

○ 2011  Dongguan establishes K.21 lab to promote DFS testing and certification.  Taipei is accredited as UL CAP Lab for

○ 2012  Telecommunication Laboratory is established in Taipei.

○ 2013  Dongguan builds up SAR, LTE test capabilities.  Establish BTL Beijing Lab.
○ 2014  Dongguan gains KTC and UL EMC CBTL qualification, establishes testing labs in Shanghai and Suzhou.  
               Integrate the professional image of branches to dedicate the BTL branding.
○ 2014  Company's English name is changed from "Neutron Engineering Inc." to "BTL Inc.".