Company news
  • Congratulations ! BTL is awarded the title of National High-tech Enter.. 2016-04-06

    With the excellent research and development capabilities, proficient testing technique, extraordinary management and best service, we BTL successfully got through the relevant assessment, obtained the National High-tech Enterprise certificate and ranked among the National High-tech Enterprises on October 10th, 2015. BTL will continuously provide you with the best service and first-class professional technique.【MORE】

  • Difference between TIA-968-B-2 2015 and TIA-968-B 2009 2015-09-30

    1. SCOPE: This addendum provides changes to TIA-968-B, Telecommunications – Telephone Terminal Equipment – Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network. Clause 2 adds new normative references. Clause 3 adds a new sub-clause the use of an acoustic stimulus signal when testing analog telephones having electroacoustic transducers for live voice input for compliance with out-of-band emissions and in-band longitudinal signal requirements. All other clauses in TIA-968-B are not af..【MORE】

  • FCC & Industry Canada - Coordination of 600 MHz Band 2015-09-29

    The FCC recently announced an agreement with Canada to harmonize spectrum use along the US-Canada border in anticipation of the planned 2016 US auction of 600 MHz band frequencies. The Statement of Intent agreed upon with Industry Canada outlines a framework and timeline for repurposing TV spectrum for mobile broadband on both sides of the border. The agreement follows a decision by the Canadian government to allow mobile services in the 600 MHz band, using the same specifications as adopted last year by the FCC. Industry Canada and the FCC wil..【MORE】

  • 2015 BTL Group New Year Message 2014-12-31

    Dear All: All begin over, and come with new. On the New Year approaching, I, on behalf of the Board of BTL Group, extend the New Year’s greeting and sincere wishes to you all, as well express my sincere gratitude to all of your support to develop BTL. In 2014, BTL strengthened the management internally, as well expand the branding externally. Under such drastic reform, we’ve achieved the encouraging and remarkable results. All the service deliverables are tailored from the customer-centric perspective. In addition, sig..【MORE】

  • Congratulations to BTL Inc. listed as a CATL for OTA version 3.3.2 Tes.. 2014-12-11

    As of November 1, 2014, The Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance Revision 3.3.2 is in effect. All certification requests submitted on or after November 1, 2014, that require CTIA OTA testing, must be tested to OTA version 3.3.2. If you have not been approved for 3.3.x testing, your lab is no longer a CTIA authorized Test lab for OTA testing and you have been de-listed from the CTIA Certification Db for OTA testing as you are not approved for 3.3.x testing. You are no longer able to perform certification testing for CTIA OTA. ..【MORE】

  • BTL Qualified as Energy Efficiency Testing Laboratory 2014-11-14

    To meet the market demand and to align with China Energy Conservation Program (CECP) policy, BTL Inc. (Dongguan) is accredited by the China Energy Label Center (CELC) for energy efficiency assessments, qualified as a testing laboratory, meanwhile, is legible to issue testing report. If there is a need, please feel free to contact with BTL Inc. CCC Department for detailed.【MORE】