• The ACMA webpage has been updated to refer to AS/CA S043.2:2016, repla.. 2017-04-14

    AS/CA S043.2:2016, published on 9 August 2016. Upon publication, this technical standard has effect under the Telecommunications (Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Notice 2015 made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). For the purposes of the ACMA Standard, defined as Telecommunications Technical Standard (Requirements for Customer Equipment for connection to a metallic local loop interface of a Telecommunications Network – AS/CA S043)2015, the transition period is 6 months. The ACMA webpage h..【MORE】

  • The Head SAR standard IEC 62209-1: 2005 is updated to IEC 62209-1: 201.. 2016-08-30

    This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: 1. Extension of the frequency range to 300 MHz to 6 GHz. 2. Fast SAR methods. 3. Test reduction techniques. 4. SAR measurements of terminals with multiple antennas and multiple transmitters. 5. Deviation of dielectric characteristics of the tissue-equivalent liquids is relaxed up to 10 %. 6. Uncertainty evaluation guidelines for temperature and dielectric parameter deviations of tissue equivalent liquids. 7. Addition of the follo..【MORE】

  • The principal differences between AS/CA S043.2:2016 and AS/CA S043.2:2.. 2016-08-29

    AS/CA S043.2:2016, published on 9 August 2016. The objective of this revision is to update AS/CA S043.2 to add requirements for some CE to support Electrical Length Estimation. The principal differences between this draft edition of AS/CA S043.2 and the previous edition are the addition of a requirement for VDSL2 modems to support: 1.Upstream Power Backoff in Equipment Class 10v, consistent with the existing requirement for Equipment Classes 10h and 10j to 10n; and 2.Upstream Power Backoff Length Estimation Method (based on ITU-T Re..【MORE】

  • Congratulations ! BTL is awarded the title of National High-tech Enter.. 2016-04-06

    With the excellent research and development capabilities, proficient testing technique, extraordinary management and best service, we BTL successfully got through the relevant assessment, obtained the National High-tech Enterprise certificate and ranked among the National High-tech Enterprises on October 10th, 2015. BTL will continuously provide you with the best service and first-class professional technique.【MORE】

  • Argentina - Combine AFTIC and AFSCA to ENACOM from Dec 31st, 2015 2016-01-08

    AFTIC and AFSCA (entity in charge of the media of Argentina) will merge soon. New entity’s name will be ENACOM (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones) The new government's goal is to establish a new convergent regulation governing equally all actors of communication, coming from telecommunications or audiovisual media. But currently, date of merger is unknown. At middle of 2015 they had the same situation from CNC to AFTIC change and took 3 months to solve all politics and administrative issues. This time they will take the sa..【MORE】

  • Thailand – Implementing the New Single Windows System from 1st Dec,20.. 2016-01-08

    Thai government has established National Single Window (NSW) with main objective to integrate all systems in order to develop one stop service and reduce working process between each part of government office such as import permit, export permit, related certificates. 1. Customs have completed to make list of goods that require import permit or certificates (called as Permission Goods) and announced on their website. This list will be in terms of HS code. 2. All importers or exporters will require to access this new system via N..【MORE】

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