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2023-11-29Standardized management of charging ports for mobile phones
2023-11-29Notice | EAEC has new labeling regulations for laptop impor
2023-11-28Thailand has implemented computer equipment labeling regula
2023-11-27BTL Inc. (Dongguan) has joined SABS A-Lab Program Scheme La
2023-11-16[Preview] IC ID registration fees will increase again
2023-11-09Korea KEA Expand Product Scope of Automatically Approved It
2023-11-01Mexico IFETEL updates IFT-011-2022 Part 3
2023-10-30TISI has recently announced to add 7 categories of electric
2023-10-302 resolutions on CCC-related requirements for lithium batte
2023-10-25【Good News】FCC no longer needs the PAG process for 5G D


2023-11-23Quick News | The new version of EN 301 893 has finally been
2023-11-03Do I need to test DIP for DC input devices?
2023-10-26Looking Forward | What!? FCC Wi-Fi 6E update again?
2023-10-18Looking Forward | Do you know what changes will be made to t
2023-09-14About France’s random test of iPhone 12
2023-08-18Impact of the new EU Battery Regulation (EU) 2023/1542 on ma
2023-08-07Wi-Fi 7 test explanation was brought to you by BTL!
2023-06-05Major technical change of the IEC 62368-1:2023 (ED4.0)
2022-09-13BTL is recognized by Qualcomm Smart Transmit test
2022-09-07[Interpretation] Japan opens Wi-Fi 6E certification

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