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2021-04-06Added GLN marking to export compliance statement to Russia
2021-03-05Brazil ANATEL Released Technical Regulation of Wi-Fi 6E
2021-03-05 The implementation requirements for the revision of
2021-02-10Adding 10A current rating into IS 1293:2019 is under discus
2021-02-07New Conformity Assessment Procedure(PEC) for wireless produ
2021-02-07BTL Laboratory was recognized by SDPPI again
2020-12-30Brazil ANATEL Changed the Approval Requirements and Extend
2020-12-01ICES 003 Issue 7: October 2020---what's new?
2020-11-20Extension of Acceptance of Test Reports from Labs Accredite
2020-11-20Argentina ENACOM Issued Res. 1223/2020 and Extend Again the


2019-03-08About the standard of the fast SAR
2019-04-22FCC Workshop officially announced that FCC can accept IEC 62
2019-05-22ETSI EN 301 489-1/-3/-19 new standard released
2019-06-28ICES-003 Issue 6 is updated again
2019-07-01OTA Intro
2019-07-17WERCSmart Registration New Rule-Battery to Upload UN38.3 Rep
2019-07-31Technical Requirements Update of MIC WLAN in Japan
2019-09-05BTL Communications lab will take you to know development and
2019-10-08BTL deep reading:5G advanced country spectrum and regulato

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